Jochnick Foundation

Statement of financial activities 2012

(all figures presented in Euro)

Incoming resources  
Voluntary income – funds contributed by founder 1,249,063
Interest income 5,117,102
Total income resources 6,366,165

Resources expended  
Donations made (4,127,851)
Other resources expended ( 379,027)
Total expenses (4,506,878)

Net resources 1,859,287

Other gain /losses  
Results on subsidiary * 4,198,300
Realized results monetary accounts and securities 101,101
Unrealized results monetary accounts and securities 76,020
Total other results 4,375,421

Result year 2012 6,234,708

Commitments and contingencies
Committed donations no later than 1 year 3,598,347
Committed donations later than 1 year and no later than 5 years 4,550,375
Committed donations later than 5 years 0

Obligations to pay: 8,148,722

* A majority of the result on the subsidiary of the Foundation relates to a revaluation of an investment portfolio held by the subsidiary and is an unrealized result.
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