Jochnick Foundation

Statement of financial activities 2013

(all figures presented in Euro)

Incoming resources  
Voluntary income – funds contributed by founder 626,160
Interest income 4,647,692
Total income resources 5,273,852

Resources expended  
Donations made (4,660,952)
Other resources expended ( 379,027)
Total expenses (5,061,432)

Net resources 212,420

Other gain /losses  
Results on subsidiary * 3,543,770
Realized results monetary accounts and securities 70,575
Unrealized results monetary accounts and securities ( 166,152)
Total other results 3,448,193

Result year 2013 3,660,613

Commitments and contingencies
Committed donations no later than 1 year 7,178,541
Committed donations later than 1 year and no later than 5 years 3,880,102
Committed donations later than 5 years 0

Obligations to pay: 11,058,643

* A majority of the result on the subsidiary of the Foundation relates to a revaluation of an investment portfolio held by the subsidiary and is an unrealized result.

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