For grant seekers

To apply for a grant

We are always interested in new projects and applications can be done anytime of the year (but please note that we currently do not accept any new requests). All application will be initially reviewed to confirm that they fall within our grant making areas and share our goals and objectives – as specified by the Foundation – of the selected area.

Donations are normally granted to projects running over a period of one to three years. We do not make contributions to individuals or projects that do not have clear, defined, and measurable objectives.

If your project already receives financial support from other organizations, it needs to be outlined and specified in your application. You must also provide a clear plan on how the project is going to be financed beyond a possible grant by the Foundation. Grantees will be required to report to the foundation on a regular basis about the project’s progress.

Funding principles

Every three-year period the Foundation sets a donation goal to be able to track and follow-up on our work. The ambition is for donations to be made within all four grant making areas, however project distribution between the different areas varies over time. Evaluation of made donations and distribution between areas is done on an annual basis.

Below follows a description of what type of support the Foundation provides, how new projects are identified, what type of projects we are looking for and how these are selected, and results followed up.

The type of support the Foundation provides

The Foundation primary supports project as a co-financier in collaboration with other parties – there are no requirements on how many percent of a project’s total funds the Foundation should represent. This is to secure that the survival of projects is not dependent on the Foundation. In order to be closely involved in selected projects, we have chosen to mainly fund projects directly, rather than donate to established charity organizations.

The Foundation has always been a grant giving foundation with focus on developing and proactive support. However, we are open to discuss other financial arrangements such as impact investments or bridge loans, and to providing emergency support. We are continuously evaluating different arrangements to reach maximum effect and realize the potentials within each project.

How the Foundation identifies new projects

Our strategy is not to actively seek new projects, but rather offer an easy application process for organizations that meets our requirements.

The type of projects the Foundation supports

The Foundation only supports organizations, institutions and entrepreneurs who are engaged in projects within our grant making areas Children & education, Health & medical research, Our planet, and Sustainable societies. The principal rule is that support to a project is granted for 1-3 years, however exceptions can be made if clearly motivated. It is important for the Foundation that the organization behind the project presents how they plan to finance the project after this period and that the project has scale-up potential. There are no requirements on project geography nor type of entrepreneur/organization. Contributions are not made directly to individuals.

How projects are selected, quality checked and followed-up

Acceptance of applications and decisions regarding funding is made on a continuous basis. In the selection process, we strive to have a geographical spread and a combination of both large and small projects. Preferably, the project should have scale-up potential, be able to be independent and grow after the funding period and have quantifiable goals. Furthermore, projects should be possible to categorize into one or several of our grant making areas. If a project is longer than three years, a clear plan for the funding is set upon project start to ensure a common time horizon.

Before initiating a collaboration, we believe in formulating concrete project goals and metrics together with the entrepreneur/organization. These could then be followed-up throughout the entire funding period to secure progress and result. By having quantifiable goals, we create pre-requisites for simple measurement and follow-up. Frequency of reporting will be determined upon project start and vary depending on project size. The purpose of regular reports and follow-up is to ensure that grants are used for the right purpose and to be able to evaluate fulfilment of project goals. Follow-up principles include that the Foundation should be able to contact and visit the organization, as well as receive status reports regarding project progress and outcome regularly