Our planet

The threat to our environment is a global and complex issue. We believe that governments, corporations, NGOs, and communities need to cooperate to reverse the negative effects our way of life is having on our planet.

We also believe that we need to strengthen our connection to nature and increase our understanding of how our lifestyle impact the environment. We need to recognize the intricate ecosystem that we are part of and that we need to protect and care it to be able to protect and care for ourselves. We must drastically rethink how we produce and use energy, water, and food. We need to secure reliable supplies of renewable energy, restore biodiversity, fight deforestation, and find ways to feed the world population while minimizing the footprint of production.

We believe in the power of innovation and technology, combined with a raised awareness and changing customer behaviours. That is why we support organizations who develop green technology, search for innovative solutions to climate-related problems, or work to preserve wildlife and natural resources. In addition, we support organizations who work to increase awareness and change consumer behaviours.