Our goal is a better world – for everyone

The challenges we face today around the world are numerous and significant – especially those considering children, education, and health. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to contribute and build better societies – in any way they can. We do it by supporting great organizations and great people that work to improve people’s everyday life.

While the statues of the Foundation are broad, we focus on supporting projects that have positive impact on children’s welfare, education, health, democratic development, and the climate.

We support projects globally and work together with organizations on all continents. We are always interested in getting in touch with people who work to make the world a better place – no matter where they operate. We have supported over 250 projects in 68 countries on five continents and secured education for more than 100,000 children in the past 16 years.

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Giving back – a moral obligation

The af Jochnick Foundation was founded by the brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick in 2004, in an effort to give back to society and contribute to the greater good. By witnessing first-hand, the profound need for transformation – to overcome the enormous economic and social challenges that people are facing around the world – Jonas and Robert wanted to focus their efforts on charitable causes in a more efficient and structured way. This realisation led them to create the af Jochnick Foundation.

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”It’s a really tough world out there and it’s clear to me that if I want to feel good then I shall also share.”

Robert af Jochnick