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Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick

af Jochnick Foundation

The af Jochnick Foundation, based in Liechtenstein, was established in 2004 by the af Jochnick family who wanted to contribute to the greater good and give something back to society. After establishing Oriflame Cosmetics in 1967 the two af Jochnick brothers started visiting developing countries.

It was then that they realised the tremendous need for social contribution. The family has always been involved in different charitable projects . To structure and formalise these activities the af Jochnick Foundation was founded with an initial endowment of 4 498 849 shares in Oriflame Cosmetics

The purpose of the Foundation is to contribute to the greater good by supporting projects that focus on children, youth, education and world health. Our priority lies with projects that help people to self-help and give assistance to a self-start. Entrepreneurial ship has always been a focus for us, thus helping people, to in a small way, start their own business is something we want to support.

People today live in a fast paced environment where not enough time is used on caring for the mind, soul, spirit and body. The number of people with illnesses has increased, where many illnesses are long-term.

Health is defined in WHO's Constitution as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. We believe that humanity would gain by encouraging people to live a healthier life. Also, we think that besides current medical practice; complementary medicine, preventive care and other such approaches are valuable ways to increase the world health

To be closely involved in selected projects the Foundation has chosen to fund projects directly; rather than to donate to established charity organisations.

Oriflame and the af Jochnick family are co-founders of World Childhood Foundation. In some projects Oriflame and Childhood collaborate together with the af Jochnick Foundation.

The Board of af Jochnick Foundation:
Robert af Jochnick (Chairman)
Hans-Jörg Gatt (Board member)
Christina Meusburger (Board member)
Alexander af Jochnick (Board member)
Christian af Jochnick (Board member)
Sebastian af Jochnick (Board member)
Hans Ramel (Board member)
Per Hesselmark (Board member)

The Board members are not awarded by any remuneration or presence fees. The chairman may represent the Foundation acting individually. The other member may represent the Foundation acting jointly.
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