af Jochnick Foundation

The af Jochnick Foundation was established in 2004 by the af Jochnick family who wanted to contribute to the greater good and give something back to society. We believe that this is achieved by funding international organisations, institutions and entrepreneurs who are engaged in projects that help people to self-help and give assistance to a self-start. And we believe that everything starts with education.

However, it is not only about having access to education or the ability to achieve academic goals but about developing a worldview that lead to a healthier, more sustainable and prosperous world for everyone. If people are informed about the world around them – its threats and opportunities – they can take an active role in making it better.

By investing in our children, education, health, our planet and sustainable societies we believe that our contribution will reap benefits that will last for generations to come. Our goals and ambitions are only achieved by supporting numerous different causes and during our more than 15 years of operations we have learned that the success of one project can also have benefits – some predicted and some unforeseen – in other areas. Grants given by the Foundation have also laid the groundwork for further donations by governments and NGO’s – providing the seed capital that can build towards self-sufficiency.

Our board members:
Robert af Jochnick (Chairman)
Alexander af Jochnick (Board member)
Christian af Jochnick (Board member)
Christina Meusburger (Board member)
Hans Ramel (Board member)
Hans-Jörg Gatt (Board member)
Kajsa Åberg (Board member)
Per Hesselmark (Board member)
Sebastian af Jochnick (Board member)

The Board members are not awarded by any remuneration or presence fees.