Health and medical research

The standard of life is increasing worldwide, and research is making tremendous progress. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done. According to the UN, one child under the age of five dies every six seconds – that’s 14,000 children every day.

In too many cases, the underlying cause is either lack of clean water, malnutrition, or diseases such as diarrhea and pneumonia. Causes which can be prevented.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, millions of people die from welfare diseases every year. Cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death globally – killing approximately 18 million people each year. Diabetes and other lifestyle related diseases have increased and affect millions of people all over the world. In addition, our mental wellbeing has been largely compromised and challenged.

We support organizations in developing countries who work with issues such as building public health systems, vaccinating children, and fighting malnutrition through nutrition support. With simple solutions, such as nutritional supplements, vaccines, and medical supplies, or by informing mothers of feeding principles and basic hygiene, we can save millions of lives, and build a foundation for a healthier world. We also believe in spreading knowledge, enabling change and empower people to adapt a healthier lifestyle. The challenges are different, but equally important in our endeavour to improve people’s overall health.

As we firmly believe that we need to start with the youth, we are especially engaged in improving health and wellbeing for young people. This commitment includes both physical health as well as mental wellbeing. Together with organizations, researchers, and local communities, we want to build a better world for young people, preventing mental and physical illness at an early stage and contribute to healthier and more meaningful ways of life.