Sustainable societies

Having a democratic, well-functioning and equal state is essential to build a sustainable society that respects the citizens and values freedom for the individual. By upholding a democratic society, human rights can effectively be protected.

However, as democracy deficit and weak democracies are prevalent in many parts of the world, protecting democracy is always a current issue. And advocating civil rights and democratic processes is more important than ever.

Beyond the vital fundamentals of democratic stability there is numerous positive effects that comes out of democratic and free societies. Improved life standards, better opportunities and a stronger sense of togetherness and justice but also better possibilities to improve and reverse our negative impact on our climate. These are positive effects that goes beyond the areas where we are active but that we so strongly support and encourage.

The Foundation is committed to contribute to sustainable and healthy societies and therefore we support organizations who work for democracy, freedom of speech and human rights. This can take many different expressions, such as working to inform and improve the discussion around human rights, freedom of speech and democracy, or providing electoral assistance and helping those who are challenging undemocratic regimes. It can also mean to work with children and young adults to create an understanding of democracy. To inform them about human rights and build platforms for young people to make their voices heard, fight discrimination, and support the inclusion of women and minorities in governments.